A thank you to our members and clients

Seven years ago, we set out to create a new and unique way for businesses to connect with their customers – through the debit and credit cards they already use. We believed there was a better way for marketing to work and help buyers and sellers stay in touch and build lasting relationships. Six years ago, we introduced Spring Rewards to a lively Chicago market, then Nashville. Then, we expanded the business with innovative shopping mall rewards programs and partnerships with nearly all the major mall operators across the U.S.

Since our launch, our enthusiastic team emerged as innovators,developing several first-to-market rewards and marketing solutions for consumers and businesses. We’re proud of the products we built, and the solutions we provided for merchants to be more successful. We’re also proud of the appeal our products had to the large community of savvy savers that helped our products and network grow.

While we accomplished a great deal, we also were not able to realize large parts of our plans and vision. Unfortunately, it has now become time for Spring Rewards to make the difficult decision to discontinue operation of its current rewards programs. We sincerely apologize for the disappointment that this has caused for our members and clients. We greatly appreciate your participation in our programs, and we hope you’ve enjoyed saving with us as much as we’ve enjoyed rewarding you.

Also, although we have had to go quiet externally for now – we are still working on ways to re-surface and see the realization of our vision.