Spring provides a whole new rewards experience, automatic on your payment card.

The Old Way
the old way

Too many cards, key ring tags,
punch cards, stamps...

...and if you forget to bring them with you,
you’re out of luck - and your reward credit.

So you can toss
those in here!

The Spring Way
the Spring way

We turn the
debit or credit card
you use every day into a
universal rewards card

Sounds Great! How does it work?

Register your card with Spring

You can register as many cards as you like - we’ll keep track of them all!

It’s totally safe, and we’ll never charge your account without your permission.


Shop with your favorite merchants and Spring will...

keep track of purchases you make that earn you loyalty credits - so you can trust that all your credits are in one place!


But best of all, whenever you earn a reward from a merchant, you get
directly to your card!

It’s real money - not points you can’t use or trinkets you don’t want. Automatically added to your card - so no vouchers, stamps, or rebate forms to redeem.

But WAIT – There’s MORE!

Spring is more than just a universal rewards card - it’s a way for your favorite merchants to share exclusive Members-Only Cash Back Offers...automatically on your card!

When merchants want to run special
promotions, they have a lot of options...

promotion options
But with Spring, they can easily target JUST their favorite customers
- like you!
Target Customers
And because Spring works automatically on your debit or credit card, merchants can give you offers with cash back loaded directly to your card.
Cash Back

If your question wasn't answered here, please feel free to contact us at support@springrewards.com with any additional questions or feedback.